Lame 500 Internal Server Error – Hopefully Fixed!

Hi folks – Just wanted to let you know that I am aware of the annoying “500 Internal Server Error” that my site keeps encountering. It has been happening more and more over the last week or two, and now seems to happen multiple times a day! I’m working with my hosting service to try to pinpoint the problem – it seems that for some reason my site is overloading the server it is on. In the meantime, though, I wanted to let you know that I’m aware of the problem, and if you get that stupid error you are not crazy (and my site has not gone down permanently or moved somewhere else)!

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll try to get it fixed as soon as possible – it’s cramping my style!!
– CJ =)

**Update** OK, I’ve done some research and tried a bug fix that others on the web say should help. We’ll see if it happens again. If any of you experience the error again, can you please leave a comment and let me know? Thanks!


  1. Lindsey

    YAY! i was getting kind of concerned for a minute (or….for a few days lol) that it might be gone. I opened this window in a new tab and the tab said 500 Internal Server Error and i thought it had happened again! But then I realized that it would say that considering its the title of this post. Silly me. Glad you’re still here because I NEED YOU!

    1. CJ =)

      Thanks, Lindsey!! You’re sweet. It is so nice to hear that the site is so important to you!

      I have just tried a fix that others on the web say should work…we’ll see if it happens again.

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