Happy New Year, and P90x Menu and Shopping List Ebook!

Hey folks!
The holidays are over and it’s time to bring it! Welcome those of you who got P90x for Christmas and are planning to start this journey in the new year. You won’t regret it!

Big things are in the works here at myp90xnutritionplan.com. For almost two years now you’ve been begging me for shopping lists and meal plans using my recipes, so I’ve finally kicked my lazy butt in gear and I’m working on an ebook!

Here’s my plan:
I’m going to start with Level II, and it will include:
– 90 complete days of meals (30 phase 1, 30 phase 2, 30 phase 3)
– Weekly shopping lists
The weekly meal plans will be planned so that you reuse ingredients (one of the major pitfalls of the official P90x meal plan). Once I finish the Level II plan, I’ll work on the Level I and Level III books. My hope is to organize it so that the meals in the ebooks for different levels overlap as much as possible so that couples who are working the P90x program together can shop, cook, and eat together.

While I’ve got it in the works now, I’d love some feedback from you guys regarding the information you’d like me to include. Does this plan sound good? Anything I’m missing? Anything you especially want to see in there?

– CJ =)

P.S. For those of you in the planning stages who are feeling intimidated by the nutrition aspect of P90x, HANG IN THERE. It’s not as bad as you think! It’s intimidating at first, but trust me when I say that two weeks into the program, you’ll be an old pro at planning your meals. Read through my P90x Nutrition Basics page and check out the way I planned my meals. If you have questions, post on here and I’ll do my best to help you out. =)

1/19 Update: I’ve decided to do separate e-books for each level and phase, just so that I can get the phase 1 content up there sooner for you folks. My goal that I’m working toward at this point is having the first book, Level II, Phase 1, posted by January 31st! It’s going well so far – I’ll keep you posted!

1/30 Update: I’m working hard on this folks, but it doesn’t look like I’ll make it by tomorrow. At this point, it looks like I should have Level II, Phase 1 ready by this weekend. Sorry for those of you who are waiting to start till the ebook is done. I’m ALMOST DONE!!

2/4 Update: So I stayed up till 2 am the last three nights in a row, and it still doesn’t look like I’ll get this done in time for those of you who are starting on Monday! BOO! I’m working on this around the clock, and I’ll get it up easily before next weekend. If I published it today, it’d be unfinished and I’d have to do lots of re-releases as I fixed and edited it – I don’t want those of you who buy it first to get a less useful product. On a happy note, I’m really excited with how it’s coming together! It’s amazing how hard it is to make sure that you use up almost all the ingredients you buy and get variety, have lunches you can take to work, and not have to learn a new recipe every night of the week. It’s making my brain hurt, and I’ve been doing this for two years already – so believe me, it’ll be worth the wait!!! – CJ =)


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  1. Gee

    Could you provide an alternative for recipes that call for nuts? I have a nut allergy and many plans call for nuts and peanut butter.

    1. CJ =)

      I think you should be OK, Gee. In P90x, nuts are only a snack serving. You can easily replace any nuts with a single or double snack serving, as necessary, and be fine. Does that make sense?
      – CJ =)

      1. Gee

        Makes sense. Thanks.

  2. Evan Z

    Yayyy! I always can’t wait for the weekend, but usually it’s excitement to relax. Never is it in anticipation to start working out and eating hardcore!!!

  3. Katie Jo

    CJ –

    I am starting my P90X workouts tonight after work and i have been trying to figure out how i am going to feed myself correctly and not have a second full-time job trying to figure out a good plan. i am trying to make a lifestyle change and after looking at all of these crazy diets that people go on for p90x of chicken breast, broccoli and cheese sticks … i thought iw as going to be so disappointed and bounce RIGHT back to being uncomfortable in my moderately overweight body after finishing the first round of p90x and going back to a more traditional workout program (something not QUITE as intense as p90x … but who knows … i may love it enough to do it forever). Anyway … i was intimidated. I thought i would be completely miserable on a P90X “diet” … but your website is SO AMAZING. it clearly explains all of the things that i have had questions on for the past couple of weeks of preparation (all of that equipment can get expensive! as i’m sure you know.) … so THANK YOU. you are an inspiration to me … and i hope to – in the future – be able to submit some of my own creations to to P90X community.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this so much easier (and for a person who loves to cook and entertain … so much healthier) to transition to.

    your blog is a blessing. 🙂

    Katie Jo

  4. Adri

    Totally agree with Maria and Evan! Awesome blog! Thank you! My husband and I are waiting for your e-book to start our P90X! Thank you again!!! 🙂

  5. Nichole

    Hello CJ. My Husband and I recently started the workout and we are in the middle of week two. I love the workouts so far but like many the diet is difficult to follow. We are both full time students and also work full time so our schedules are crazy which makes it difficult to prepare for most of the meals in the Nutrition Plan. Just before I found your blog I was beggining to loose motivation over keeping the diet. I plan on checking up with your blog and I will be looking out for that e-book! Thank you for taking the time to help everyone out with P90X.

  6. Maria C

    Just wanted to thank you for your food journal template. For years and years I’ve always wanted to write down what I eat. I know that’s the best way to keep myself accountable for what I’ve been eating, but it’s always been so difficult. I just never knew what I should be counting, and sitting down with a blank notebook isn’t very motivating to keep with me all day. I would write stuff down for a day or two and then stop. The format you provided it so helpful! I’ve used it for 2 weeks straight now! That’s a record for me! Thanks again for doing this blog… it’s made losing weight actually easy… Tony Horton should consult you for his next project! ;0)

    1. CJ =)

      Wow, thanks Maria!! That makes me really happy. How great that this site has made a difference in your life. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback. It makes the effort worth it!

      In response to everyone’s questions about when the E-Book will be ready: I’ve decided to go ahead and do separate books for each phase and level, just to get some content up quicker. At this point, my goal is to have the Level II, Phase 1 book up by the end of the month. I’ll keep you posted!
      – CJ =)

  7. Andrew


    I just found this great site! Any idea when the ebook will be available?

  8. Evan Z

    As I lay up at 11:30 trying to come up with my meal plan for the week, I finally came across this site!! I just want to THANK YOU for putting together this amazing site. I’m just sad that it’s taken me 2 months of P90x-ing for me to find it, and as such I have not been eating very well. I can’t wait to start using your site to help plan meals. The ebook sounds like it’s going to be stellar! Very excited and can’t wait for that. Will be checking daily 🙂 Thanks again!!!

  9. Kim

    Oh my! I cannot wait until you have this ready!! As a busy self-employed mom of 2 teenagers trying to start this with my husband has been time consuming and daunting. I’m ready to jump in with the help of your website and can’t wait to see this ebook!! Would love to see a Level I as soon as possible to work with the Level II (as I am level 1 and hubby is level 2). Re-using ingredients would be VERY helpful for my budget! Thank you SOOOO much for keeping up with this! 😀

  10. Michelle

    This sounds great. I know you just posted this, but when did you plan on having this put together. Very excited.

  11. Skippyn8

    I love this idea. I am doing P90X as of today and am overwhlemed by the food plan. My wife (who just had our first baby) plans to join me as soon as she is cleared by the dr to workout again. We will be at similar levels I think but I love the idea of not letting food go to waste and eating meals together.

    Excited for the ebooks.

    Cost of food looks like it can get crazy with P90X and this is something we are concerned about.

  12. Adam

    CANT WAIT! Im a student so I dont have much time to plan out the meals so this will help out so much. Very excited for this!

  13. Denise

    Hi CJ! This is so great. Just wondering when this awesome ebook of yours will be available.

    Thanks so much!

  14. TR

    I really like this idea a lot. Will you have your shopping list up before the new year? Thanks!

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