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Turkey, Bacon, and Avocado Sandwich

Silly Subway. They act like they’re all special for offering a turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich, when we could just as easily make a P90x-friendly version for ourselves at home! And the good news? This is not a limited time offer. 😉

Ingredients: 2 slices whole wheat bread 3 oz. avocado 3 oz. turkey 2 …

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Chicken Fajita Pita

One of my favorite fast food meals is the Jack in the Box Chicken Fajita Pita. The other day I was mourning the fact that I couldn’t get one because we were eating at home, when suddenly I realized – I have chicken, I have pitas, and I have toppings!  Don’t …

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Chicken Caesar Wraps

This Chicken Caesar Wrap is so simple, and so good! I don’t know if you can tell in this lame camera-phone picture (my real camera’s new battery charger is on order!) but I was so excited about this one that I actually took a bite of it before I remembered I …

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Ground Beef Tacos

Tacos are a quick, easy lunch or dinner, and you can pack in a bunch of different types of P90x servings. The handy thing is that it’s a mix-and-match meal – add whatever toppings are necessary to fulfill the servings you need for the day!


3 corn tortillas (1 carb serving) …

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Big Salad

Remember when Elaine on Seinfeld said all she wanted was a BIG SALAD? If you’re not a vegetable lover, a lunch salad is a great time to pack in the vegi servings, when you can douse them in a few tablespoons of dressing! I use the 2 cups of lettuce as …

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