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Artichoke Chicken

Sometimes not having many ingredients in the house has tasty results! This quick and easy artichoke chicken recipe is so simple, but really yummy. Plus, it is covered in ‘good goop.’ My hubby loves anything covered in goop!

Ingredients: 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 cup grated Parmesan 3/4 cup Light Mayonnaise (or nonfat …

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks

Mmmmm. Bacon. Need I say more? No, I don’t, but I will, because if anything can make me wax poetic, it’s bacon.

So here’s my bacon haiku:

Bacon wrapped chicken,
So tasty. Now let’s press play.
P90x rocks.

That was deep. =D
Clearly, bacon makes everything better. Tastily marinated chicken …

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Whole Chicken

Hi folks!
Since I’m making you wait a few more days for the P90x menu and shopping list ebook, I thought I’d at least give you a new recipe to chew on in the meantime! I’m nice like that. =)

Whole chickens have always terrified me. In a culinary sense, and in a …

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Chicken Enchiladas

I’m back, baby!! Or, I should say, I’m back with baby. 🙂 The new baby has been successfully thrown onto the pile (of children, that is). Woot!  In other news, I recently found myself with nothing edible in my kitchen but tortillas, cheese, frozen chicken, and a can of tomato sauce. Chalk that up to lack of sleep …

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BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

Hiya folks. First of all I wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting for the next week or two – we’ve had a death in the extended family that I need to take some time off to deal with. =/ I’ll start posting again the week of August 18th.

I’ll leave you …

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Pollo Relleno

Here is another one of my favorite dishes from pre-P90x, with a few minor tweaks to make it work within the P90x portion approach! I formerly made this in a similar fashion to Chicken Cordon Bleu, with the ingredients inside chicken that had been pounded thin and rolled. Then …

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Angela’s Ground Chicken Tacos

Today is a historic day. It’s the first time that a fellow P90xer has sent me a full recipe WITH A PHOTO! Yay! One small step for Angela, one giant leap for myp90xnutritionplan.com. OK, I admit that was lame…but I do love it when people do my work for me! lol. …

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Chicken Fajita Pita

One of my favorite fast food meals is the Jack in the Box Chicken Fajita Pita. The other day I was mourning the fact that I couldn’t get one because we were eating at home, when suddenly I realized – I have chicken, I have pitas, and I have toppings!  Don’t …

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Three Cheese Marinara Muffin Melt

So I spent most of yesterday trying to make homemade whole-wheat no-egg-yolk ravioli for you guys. I started around 9 a.m., and it was finally ready to eat at 2 p.m. It was beautiful, filled with yummy filling, and totally gross! lol. Sorry, I tried!

As I was slaving over it, …

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Chicken Caesar Wraps

This Chicken Caesar Wrap is so simple, and so good! I don’t know if you can tell in this lame camera-phone picture (my real camera’s new battery charger is on order!) but I was so excited about this one that I actually took a bite of it before I remembered I …

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Chicken Salad Sandwich – Two Ways

Nothing says summer quite like chicken salad! As you’re working on your summer “beachbody” 😉 with P90x, this chicken salad recipe will fit right into your portion approach. I’ve done this salad two ways, a sweet version that focuses on fruit servings, and a tangy version that focuses on vegi servings. …

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Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce

Now doesn’t this sound fancy? lol. Don’t be scared, it’s way easier than it sounds! This is a nice addition to my list of P90x recipes because it uses only a few, fairly common ingredients, but seems just a bit gourmet! This recipe makes enough for one, but it’d be easy to …

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Shish Kabobs

Happy Friday before a holiday! In honor of the three-day weekend, I’m posting my husband’s favorite meal. This was actually his favorite meal that I make, even before I added it to my P90x recipes. It’s the one he always requests when company is coming over. It didn’t take much to “X” it …

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Mediterranean Mushrooms and Garlic Chicken

Shhh, here’s my favorite P90x cooking secret: mushrooms are an excellent substitute for pasta! I just take my favorite pasta recipes, and if my hubby has already had his carb for the day, I put mushrooms in where the pasta would normally be. This healthy Mediterranean recipe is a perfect example. …

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Easy BBQ Chicken

This is an awesome, easy, delicious protein source. Baking the chicken in a foil pouch makes for moist, juicy chicken. My hubby takes this to work for lunch and he says that all of his friends are jealous because it smells so good. Wouldn’t they be surprised to learn that it …

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Spinach Pesto

One of the hardest parts of the first phase of P90x (or any low-carb diet, for that matter) is that you end up missing complex flavors. Sauces tend to be the first thing to go. This pesto is the antidote to that!!

Ingredients for Pesto Sauce: 1 cup spinach 1 cup fresh basil 1 clove …

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