Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Well, it’s official! My hubby has started round 2 of P90x! I’m back to cooking every meal and managing his nutrition, which you’d think would be a no-brainer for me at this point (given the website and all), however with this new vegan/vegetarian bent we’re on, I’m having to rethink everything. To a certain degree it feels like starting from scratch!

Thankfully, I found this suggested vegan P90x meal plan in the Vegan Beachbody Newsletter that provides portion approach guidelines. I am planning to revamp my food journal including this plan soon. (While I’m at it, does anyone know if there is a similar, vegetarian version?) At this point, since I’m including cheese and eggs, it looks like I’m doing more of a vegetarian P90x meal plan than a vegan one.

This first recipe of the second round is once again less of a recipe and more of a serving suggestion. My friend Christy (of Christy’s Whole Wheat Crepesfame!) suggested that I try spaghetti squash.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Well, you know us Xers – we’re always looking for good sauce-carriers that don’t involve carbs! So the concept of a squash that acts like spaghetti fascinated me. And it really is magical – you scrape the insides of this squash and it comes out in perfect spaghetti-sized strings!


Poke five holes in your squash, and microwave it for 12-15 minutes, or until the skin gives slightly when you push on it. Let it cool for a couple of minutes, then cut it in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds and the tinier, non-spaghetti-like strings that are attached to them.

Then use a fork to scrape the inside walls of the squash to create spaghetti-like strings. Serve 1 cup of spaghetti squash topped with 1/4 of spaghetti sauce recipe.

P90x Nutrition Plan Portions:

1 cup of squash topped with ¼ of spaghetti sauce recipe is 1 protein serving, 1½ vegi serving, 1 dairy serving (if using cheese).

P.S. So I had mixed feelings about this meal. Pro: It tasted good – surprisingly good, if you ask me. I’ve never been a huge squash fan (or as you are well aware by now, vegi fan in general), but despite the fact that the spaghetti strings had a slightly crunchier texture than your typical pasta, it really did feel like eating spaghetti, and I never really tasted the squash, which is good in my book. Con: It didn’t fill me up as much as I expect spaghetti to. I realized that 1) it took longer to eat because I was chewing through the fiber in squash and 2) it didn’t inflate in my stomach like pasta does. I’d almost rather serve this as a side dish, or perhaps as just one dish among several.

P.P.S. This would look super pretty all served up in the scraped-out half of the squash. I kind of missed an opportunity there due to my laziness! 😉

P.P.P.S. Thanks, Christy! =)


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  1. TLC

    I love spaghetti squash as a pasta alternative! If the crunchy texture bus you, try the baking method above and “over bake it” a little. Also, fir a more filling dish, make parmesan chicken!!! Use almond flour instead of regular flour plus egg to coat the breasts, and you still won’t be charged a “carb” – it’s all almond so it would be either a 1/2 a protein&1/2 a fat or 1 snack…not sure. Either way, top with cheese and marinara for dairy and another veggie…it’s filling and delicious!

  2. Darby

    I am trying to find your website again. I keeps coming up page not available. I had this bookmarked so I can go to this page only. Your website has been a life saver for me to help me through this program. I am hoping that you are not gone. I am really hoping that this gets to you. Please let me know how I can get your info if this has been shut down.

    1. CJ =)

      Hi Darby!
      Sorry, my web hosting company was sold to another hosting service, and two days ago my site was “migrated” to the new hosting platform. At first the site disappeared completely, then all post links came up not found, but I think it is fixed now. I’ll keep taking it up with tech support until the site is back working the way it’s supposed to!!

      Would you do me a favor and try looking around the site again and let me know if you encounter any problems? As far as I can tell, everything is working now.

      Rest assured, I AM NOT GONE! =)
      – CJ =)

  3. Joyce

    Wow, I never knew these existed! I’ve googled and found a place in the UK where I’ll hopefully be able to buy spaghetti squash from May. Just in time for Round 2. Can’t wait to try it out! (Btw I just found your blog today and I love it….I think it’s going to take me many hours to check it all out. Thanks so much for all this great info CJ.)

  4. Stephani Satterfield

    We cook spaghetti squash all the time as a substitute for pasta. My two sons love it, too. If you want to cook it with just a little seasonings added, that still works with the nutrition plan, you can also cook it the following way in the oven:
    Preheat to 350.
    Cut the squash in half lengthwise.
    Place approx. 1/4 in of water or chicken broth in a Pyrex baking dish, then place the squash cut side down in the dish.
    Cook for 25-30 min., then remove.
    Drain the liquid, then turn squash over, season w/pepper and other seasonings (butter is great for non-P90X plans). Cook for an additional 5-10 minutes.
    Remove from dish then scrape out squash.

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Stephani – AWESOME. Thanks! A lot of folks seem to be avoiding microwaves nowadays, so it is awesome to get a non-microwave option for this dish. I bet using chicken broth gives a nice added flavor!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!
      – CJ =)

  5. Angela Brobst

    Hi CJ,

    One thing you can do here is blend the spaghetti squash with real spaghetti. I do this a lot – use one cup of cooked spaghetti squash as the base, add 2 ounces (when dry) whole wheat spaghetti, and top with a veggie marinara. I usually add steamed zuchhini squash and carrots to the pasta sauce (low sodium sauce to help prevent water rentention!) and it makes a huge plate that is both low on calories and filling!

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