P90x Recovery Drink Alternatives

Protein Shake

Here are some P90x recovery drink alternative ideas that I’ve found on the forums: (see my P.S.)

  • Chocolate milk (with sugar or Agave Nectar added as necessary to get the right ratio)
  • 1 scoop of low fat frozen yogurt, 1 scoop organic peanut butter, 2 scoops frozen mixed berries, 1-2 scoops of protein powder, 1-2 cups of skim milk or water if you want to cut down calories. Blend until smooth. Serves 2-4 people.
  • 1-2 scoops protein, 1-2 scoops fruit of your choice, add milk or water
  • Skim milk, lite chocolate syrup, and a scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder, 1 scoop of creatine powder (before you do this, please see my P.P.S!), 5 fresh berries, and blend
  • 12 oz Gatorade, 5 oz apple juice, 0.5 scoop whey protein powder, water
  • 1 cup skim milk, 2 scoops of whey protein powder, 1 banana, 2 ice cubes
  • 6 oz. grape juice and 2 tsp. whey protein powder
  • 1/2 scoop of your favorite protein only powder (no carbs or lil’ carbs), and 3 strawberries, or half a banana, or a table spoon of brown sugar, or 15 blue berries…and all this in 500ml of water
  • 2 scoops of strawberry whey protein powder, 8 oz water, 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1 tablespoon of strawberry nestle quik
  • 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder, 8 oz skim milk, 1/2 cup strawberries, 2 kiwis, add ice if you want
  • 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder, 8 oz skim milk, 1/2 cup of mixed berries, add ice if you want

Another recommendation I saw on the forums was to avoid drinks that include “Crystalline Fructose” which is basically the same as High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Vegan Recovery Drink Options

  • Lifted from the P90x vegan newsletter: Mix 12 ounces of apple or grape juice with soy, pea, or rice protein. (The article suggests avoiding hemp protein, because the fiber in it slows absorption.) Powders tend to vary in calorie amounts, so do the math. You’ll want approximately 10 to 12 grams of protein to the 45 grams of sugar you’ll find in the juice. You’re shooting for a carb-to-protein ratio of between 3 to 1 and 5 to 1.
  • Lifted from the “Vegans” thread on the Beachbody message boards: Vega Sport supplement added to a smoothie. It comes in packet form and is the Berry Flavor. Just add that to a fruit smoothie of a Banana, Strawberries, and Apple. The packet of Vega amounts to 20 total grams of protein and just 4 grams of carbs, combined with the 3 fruits, that would make the Carb to Protein ratio of all four things combined almost a perfect 4:1 ratio. The total Carbs of those 3 fruits according to the calorie counter site is 85g, and 5g protein. After adding the Vega, that would go to about 89g Carbs, and 25g protein (3.56 : 1 ratio…..very very close).

I’ll keep adding to this list as I hear of more ideas! – CJ =)***

Regarding recovery drinks, my hubby used Accelerade (Fruit Punch flavor), which is cheaper than the drink offered by P90x but seemed to be effective. While I was waiting for that to come in the mail, I used chocolate milk as his recovery drink. The key to a recovery drink is ensuring that it has a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. So whatever drink you use, look at the nutrition stats and make sure that if you multiply the grams of protein by 4 you get approximately the same number as the Total Carbs (give or take a few). If your chocolate milk doesn’t have enough carbs in it to give it that ratio, you can add sugar to make it correct. 1/4 tsp of sugar adds 1 gram of carbohydrate. (I know it feels weird to be adding sugar and drinking a high-carb drink during a low-carb diet, but post-workout is the one instance when it is beneficial. Just remember, your body needs sugar to repair the micro-tears in the muscle and reduce soreness. Rest assured that the P90x nutrition plan is designed taking a high-carb recovery drink into account and it won’t hurt your results.)
***3/6 update – Several great ideas gleaned from comments below:
1) Instead of adding sugar to your chocolate milk, you could add Agave Nectar for a “cleaner” way to add carbs than white sugar. 1 tbl of nectar has 16 carbs, 15 sugars and 0 protein and 0 fat. So a tsp of nectar is about 5 g carbs.
2) As an alternative to Accelerade, you can try Endurox R4 Tangy Orange, which according to Nic below, is from the same people who make Accelerade and is closer in formulation to the p90x recovery drink than Accelerade. It has 50 more calories, but still has the 4:1 ratio, plus L-Glutamine and L-Arginine for recovery just like the P90x drink. Nic also adds creatine to this (see my P.P.S. before you decide to do that though!).***
Just for your information, Beachbody’s recovery drink has 220 calories – 39g carbs, 10g protein, and 2g fat.You might also want to search around a bit on the teambeachbody forums – I’ve seen various posts for yummy-sounding recovery drinks. As long as the ratio is correct, you can use almost anything.

Hopefully these ideas can get you started!

P.S. Please note that I can’t guarantee that each of these mixtures will have the correct ratio. I got them from the forums and basically cut and pasted. Many of them will rely on the stats of your protein powder, so you’ll need to make sure that it comes out correct yourself.

P.P.S. I’m not completely sold on the adding creatine powder to drinks. The author of that book I was so impressed by, The China Study, did several studies where it proved very harmful (he basically turned on and off cancer in lab rats using creatine)! Also, check out this recovery drink article by Matt, the guy who helped me with P90x nutrition when we were just starting out. Matt has also posted a bit more info on using chocolate milk as a recovery drink.

P.P.P.S. Do you have a great recovery drink alternative that is working for you? Comment and share the wealth!


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  1. Doug

    Doing some math with my mix and it came up as the following:

    1/2 scoop Protein
    Calories: 60
    . Carbs: 1.5g
    . Protein: 12g
    1 tbsp of Orange Gatorade
    . Calories: 80
    . Carbs: 21g – Dextrose: 21g
    3 tbsp of Pure Dextrose
    Calories: 105
    . Carbs: 27g – Dextrose: 30g
    1 tsp of ON Glutamine- 5g
    1 tsp of ON Creatine- 5g

    Total: Calories: 245; Carbs: 49.5g (Dextrose: 51g); Protein: 12g

    i guess my mix is not a true 4:1 ratio. the calories are higher than the P90X mix but lower than the EnduroxR4 mix. my mix is on the same ratio of the EnduroxR4 mix I believe but it has 5g each of Creatine and Glutamine (besides what is naturally part of the ON Whey).

    so my question: is it still good to go with my mix?


  2. Doug

    I must say this is a great site. Thank you. I didn’t want to spend the money for the P90X recovery drink, on a budget so I came up with one of my own and I believe it meets the 4:1 ratio.

    1/2 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream Protein (Optimum Nutrition, ON)
    1 tbsp of Orange Gatorade
    3 tbsp of Pure Dextrose
    1/2 tsp of Taurine
    1 tsp of ON Glutamine
    1 tsp of ON Creatine

    I’m always looking for other types of drinks though so I may look at Endurox next.
    Have other good suggestions for protein shakes other than just protein powder?


    1. CJ =)

      Thanks for sharing, Doug!
      We went with protein powder for our protein shakes. Anyone else have any ideas for Doug?
      – CJ =)

  3. Tara

    Hello there!

    I am currently doing the p90x workouts, but I have a gluten allergy and upon doing some research found that pumpkin seed protein powder is a good alternative to other powders. Have you heard anything about this type of protein, and do you think I could use it as part of my recovery drink if mixed with fruit and milk?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. CJ =)

      Hi Tara!
      I haven’t heard anything specifically about pumpkin seed protein powder. As long as your drink comes out to the 4:1 carb to protein ratio, you should be fine!
      – CJ =)

  4. Tom

    Great site! I’m just wondering if there’s any reason why orange juice is not mentioned in any of these recipes? I’m working on formulating my own drink, and I love OJ, but rarely see it in any recovery drink recipes.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. CJ =)

      Hi Tom!
      I’m not sure why OJ wouldn’t be included. Just as long as you are sticking to the 4:1 carb to protein ratio, it should be OK to use it as a base for your recovery drink.
      – CJ =)

  5. Tara

    I’ve read that Cellucor R3 Extreme in pill form works really well. Do you know anything about the difference or benefits from using a pill as opposed to a shake??

    I work out in the mornings, so to me a pill would be easier since I still have to eat a breakfast, etc.

  6. Ian

    Great site CJ! Most nights I do chocolate milk for recovery (5oz skim milk and 1tbsp regular Hershey’s chocolate syrup), but one of the things I miss most about healthy living is BEER! So a couple nights a week I’ll drink 6.5oz of skim milk (to get some protein) and then drink two 11.2oz bottles of Guinness Draught. If my math is right, you end up with a perfect 4:1 ratio (thanks to the shot of milk), in 28 carbs, 7g protein, and 317 calories. Endurox R4 is 270 calories, so you get a couple beers in for a mere 50 additional calories. If you’re like me and can’t do without beer, a frosty Guinness after plyo is a beautiful thing.


    1. CJ =)

      Hey Ian! I think, somewhere in the world, you’ve just made a beer-drinker’s day! LOL. It’s true, the recovery drink is a lovely opportunity to get some tasty sugar in there. You might want to pound the water afterwards, though, because my understanding is that alcohol dehydrates you.

      1. CJ =)

        Also, I should also probably mention that Tony disapproves of alcohol, so if you do this too often I think you may just make Tony cry! 😉
        – CJ =)

  7. olivia

    On “1 scoop of low fat frozen yogurt, 1 scoop organic peanut butter, 2 scoops frozen mixed berries, 1-2 scoops of protein powder, 1-2 cups of skim milk or water if you want to cut down calories. Blend until smooth. Serves 2-4 people” – what measurement is a scoop? one cup? thanks

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Olivia – I pulled these ideas off of the boards. It’s a suggestion for ratios, but the exact amounts that you use will depend on the stats of your protein powder and peanut butter. Just make sure that the final product that you are drinking has the right 4:1 carb to protein ratio AND equals the approx 200 calories that the plan accounts for in a recovery drink. Does that help?
      – CJ =)

  8. miah

    how many oz of chocolate milk do i drink?

  9. Ben

    Hi, I’ve been finding numerous alternatives for P90X recovery drinks. While trying to mix & match the 4:1 carb & protein ratio, I decided to look at the nutritional content of Nestle Boost. This pertains only to the “original”, not the “high protein” or other types. I found it contains 41g carbs, 10g protein, 4g fat (1g saturated), along with numerous vitamins & minerals. The “rich chocolate” flavor is not only tasty, but is pretty cheap too. It cost about $1 per bottle. I not only wanted to share this info with everyone, but wanted to get your opinion as well. Thanks!

  10. cathy

    Guys Accelerade is only 29$ it has the ratios p90x calls for you get a 30 day supply its well worth it just finished the fruit flavor now trying the orange…..you can get it at Gnc

  11. travis

    I am starting P90x, and I have a website that I have found that makes getting the exact % of protein, Carbs and fats easy to track. I simply put in the calorie amount I want to consume for the day, the % of each protein..Carbs..etc and I can easily track it as I put in the foods I’m planning to eat. My question is by doing it this way and not using the servings blocks. Do I account for the Carbs and protein and calories in the recovery drink. Or do I ignore these. By ignoring them my totals and % will be off.

  12. oliabh

    I am sorry, but I’m still not sure on the chocolate milk. How many oz of low fat milk and how much choc syrup do I use. I’m just starting to get all of my meals organized and I’m still working on the portion size and recovery drink. Also, I have a huge sweet tooth, and I’ve been very good in the last couple of days, not having any sugar in my diet, in preparation for my first workout session withLevel 1 phase 1 of P90X, am I allowed any treats at all? I’ve even given up my cup of tea with sugar in it,,which is a huge sacrifice for me..lol. What do I drink with my breakfast if I don’t do the tea. Any help would gratefully be received.Also, I’m not used to eating all this food and I’m not sure if I will be able to finish the breakfast and dinner portions. Will this hurt me in the end? I am going to do whatever is necessary to get through this program and look my best. Thank you so much for your site. I have purchased your book and I am currently reading it. Does it have the portion size for condiments in it? Also, what are the times I eat, workout, snack etc?. Sorry, a lot of questions I know. Whatever you can answer would be most appreciated. I have found a site that gave me the info, here is the link if you’re interested. http://makemethinner.com/pdf/condiments.pdf

  13. John

    I am getting ready to start P90X. I have read the manuals and the Nutrition Plan. I have been shopping and feel I am ready to start. The question I have is I am diabetic, and has there been a problem with the recovery drink ratios and blood glucous levels?

  14. Emily

    Hi! I was wondering if you could give an exact measurement of a “scoop”–especially in terms of the peanut butter and low-fat yogurt you mention in some of your (really, really awesome) recipes. 🙂

    1. Sarah

      Yes, this information would really help me out too!

  15. Cody

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a certain type of chocolate milk you buy or I should look out for? I know there can be wild variations between brand. Also, should the serving size for the chocolate milk be the same as the official recovery drink?
    Also how much chocolate milk will I need to last me for a week if I’m supposed to have it once per day as the recovery drink? Thanks

    1. Cody

      Also how long would the Endurox 4x last me? Sorry I am trying to figure out a nutrition plan that will be as effective and cheap as possible and it’s mind-boggling! Thanks.

    2. CJ =)

      Hi Cody!
      For the chocolate milk, I don’t have a specific brand to recommend. Instead, just go by the calories and the carb to protein ratio. A recovery drink is 200 calories, so you’ll need to drink the amount that gives you that number of calories. Also, make sure that when you multiply the grams of protein by 4 you get approximately the same number as the Total Carbs.
      Hope that helps!
      – CJ =)

  16. Jessica

    You said in your P.S. that “Many of them will rely on the stats of your protein powder, so you’ll need to make sure that it comes out correct yourself.” Have you heard anything about 6 star nutrition whey protein?? I was at walmart last night looking for some for me and I wasn’t sure if it would work or not.

    If we are making our own, I don’t know how to make sure it comes out correct. Say with the following example that I pulled from above: 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder, 8 oz skim milk, 1/2 cup strawberries, 2 kiwis, add ice if you want — how would you go about making sure that it is the right ratio and all that?

    Thanks for your great blog!! I have been reading it every day to take everything in, haha. I’m about to start p90x, but planning what I’m going to eat every day is harder than I thought it would be!! 🙁 And I’ve been trying to find a good recovery drink alternative, too. That is exactly why I have been reading your blog so much!!

  17. Matt

    If I was going to use chocolate milk as a recovery drink, how much would I drink? It may have been discussed, I must be overlooking it. I am in phase 1, level II. I guess a better question would be what is the rule of the amount of carbs to protein intake and that should be consumed for a recovery drink?

    1. Phil

      Hey Matt,

      Using two scoops of Nesquick with 8 oz. of milk will give you what you want. The appropriate ratio is around 3-4 carbs per 1 protein. Unless they’ve changed the recipe, Nesquick has almost exactly the same vitamin content, minus the 500 mg or so of creatine in the recovery drink. Don’t worry though, as that isn’t even a full dose of creatine (not even sure why its there, as it really doesn’t do much in that low of a concentration). Depending on your goals, you can supplement the creatine with either a pill or powder (just before workout seems to work best for most people). I’ve been using the Nesquick alternative for a few weeks now, ever since I ran out of recovery drink, and haven’t noticed any differences. Good luck!

      1. Phil

        Wanted to add: Nesquik mix is also HFCS-free, if that matters to you.

        1. Arony

          So I don’t need the extra sugar if I use milk and nesquik?

  18. Jennifer

    That does thank you so much! I had another ques for you LOL… as Im trying to figure out this new way of eating I naturally dont have it perfected yet & was wondering if I could also go the calorie counting route instead of strict portions? For example if I didnt get a chance to eat a dairy portion & a bar .. thats 320 calories… if I ate something else like a peets coffee (LOL) or another carb & fruit that is the same calorie allowance (or within that) will I still be ok? Not that this will be my regular day but just on the days I cant eat exactly whats recommended . 🙂 Thanks again so much for your wonderful knowledge about this program… for us newbies your a life saver!

  19. Jennifer

    Hey another question for you! Do you guys ever use the shakeology drink from beachbody.com? If so, what does that equal in our diets??? I think its a meal replacement, but I have no idea how to figure out what to check off when I use it?!? Id appreciate any help with this! Thanks again!


    1. CJ =)

      Hey Jennifer!
      I’ve never used Shakeology myself, but the Teambeachbody staff say that Shakeology can be counted two different ways:
      – 2/3 a serving can count as a single snack
      – A full serving can count as 1/2 a protein and 1/2 a carb
      Hope that helps!
      – CJ =)

  20. Dee

    I just found this site. It is great. Im in week two of p90x and I am finding that I am more sore now than last week. The recovery drinks are of great interest to me. The p90x drink is pricey so I do appreciate the sharing of other alternatives out there. The Endurox seems to meet the carb/protein ratio but does it needs other additives or is it good as it is?
    Thanks Dee

  21. Marcie

    I’ve checked the label for Chocolate Soy milk (Silk brand) and it has 23 carbs and 6 protein….would this be a good recovery drink alternative?

    1. CJ =)

      Yep, 4:1 carb to protein ratio. GO FOR IT!!!
      Great suggestion. Thanks for sharing, Marcie!
      – CJ =)

  22. Brian

    I’m generally wary of The China Study. It seemed like Campbell had an overall agenda, and while I’m all for a higher individual awareness of the food we eat, there were several misguided conclusions presented in that text. I could go into it, but there are much better reviews out there: http://anthonycolpo.com/?p=129

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Brian!
      Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve read some of the newer critiques thoroughly, and they’ve punched a few holes in my confidence in some of the book’s conclusions. =) Check out my comments conversation with AK in my Black Bean Burgers (and The Grumpy Vegan) post for the counter-argument that I found most compelling.
      Thanks for sharing! =)
      – CJ =)

  23. justin doty

    This is a very helpfull site. I was just wondering if a do the double routine will i need to do recovery drink after i do both workouts or do i just do small portion after cardio and do the full amount after the main workout? Thank u

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Justin –
      Hmmm…I’m not an expert on doing doubles. You might try asking on the Teambeachbody forums.
      Do any other P90xers have any input on this?
      – CJ =)

  24. Hector

    Hello again CJ,
    I was looking this morning at the Sams Club near my house and found something interesting. There is a recovery drink from Twinlab which is called Endurance Fuel. The reason that I found it interesting is because it’s serving size has only 110 calories and has 20g of carb and 5g of protein and the one I found is orange flavor (I’ll let you know after I taste it if it is worth the pain. For big men like me that are struggling to make the level 1 phase 1 nutrition plan, the fact that it has fewer calories means that we do not have to starve so much (because it does not contain so many calories), and might eat a little bit more real food. Oh, I almost forget to tell you that it costs around $20 and has 35 servings.

  25. Hector

    Hello CJ,
    I tried also Slimfast(Chocolate Flavor)Shake with 1 tablespoon of Agave. That gives you 40g of Carbs, 10g protein and 250 calories. Maybe it is no the chipest alternative, but might be handy in case of an emergency 😉

  26. Hector

    Hello CJ,
    I was wondering… can you please answer Jacob’s question? I am about to start the program and have exactly the same question. BTW, great site! I addition of helping the newbies like me, the fact that you take the time to recommend something that does not render you any profit, gives me confidence that this program will work. My respects to a great lady!!!!

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Hector!!
      Jacob actually asked the same question over on my Nutrition Guide page and we had a conversation about it in the comments there. Hope that helps! =)

      You are very welcome for the site! I’m so glad that it is helping you get started! =) To be completely transparent, I do make money off of the ads featured on the site, if anyone buys items off of Amazon as a result of my linking there, and if anyone decides to donate using the Paypal button on the right menu. But I’ve specifically avoided becoming a Beachbody coach, despite multiple offers, for exactly the reason that you are talking about. I don’t want people to think that this is just an elaborate pitch for P90x, and I also want to keep the site as a resource that Beachbody coaches can feel comfortable referring their coachees(?) to. =)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and keep pressing play!!
      – CJ =)

  27. Den Shewman

    Hey, CJ! Just found your site and wanted to say thanks for doing all the good work for those of us too P90X-bushed to research! 🙂


  28. Andrew C

    Hi guys. Just found this site and wanted to provide my knowledge on this subject. There is a book out there called “Nutrient Timing” written by two UT-Austin PhD’s, who I believe later founded the company that makes Endurox and Accelerade. The book is a summary of all of their research on sports nutrition, where the magic 4:1 carb/protein ratio was discovered. They also recommend 3:1 ratio as a pre-workout drink, which is what Accelerade was designed for.

    The book goes into great detail, specifying types of sugars and proteins to use, as well as other nutrients needed like leucine, glutamine, vitamin C, etc. Interestingly enough, the Endurox product doesn’t follow the exact formula in the book- i suspect this was for cost cutting measures. Still both the Endurox and the P90X drink follow the recovery drink described in the book closer than anything else I have found on the market.

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Andrew!
      This is great information – thanks so much for taking the time to share!
      – CJ =)

  29. Jacob

    I have a question. I’m trying to maximize my weight loss in phase 1, but I’m wondering about the recovery drink after say yoga x or kenpo x or on a rest day. It seems like the drink may not be as needed on those days and I’ve been downing the intake of it or subbing it out with protein. What do you guys think about this? Just seems like a lot of carbs to drink in especially if you’re just doing say kenpo or x stretch for the day. Thoughts?

  30. carole

    can i substitute rice milk or lactaid for regular milk since I have digestive issues with regular milk?

    1. CJ =)

      Hi Carole!
      Yes, I don’t see any problem with that. Just make sure that your carb to protein ratio comes out to the correct 4:1!
      – CJ =)

  31. Michael

    Was your husband using 2 scoops of acceleraide to get closer to the P90x calories and total protein/carbs, or just one scoop?

    1. CJ =)

      Good question – Yes, he was using 2 scoops. =)

  32. Nic

    Good resource, thanks!. Definitely some nice alternatives.

    Currently I am using Endurox R4 Tangy Orange which is from the same people who make Accelerade. Endurox is closer in formulation to the p90x recovery drink than Accelerade. Has 50 more calories, but still has the 4:1 ratio plus L-Glutamine and L-Arginine for recovery as the p90x drink. I also throw in my own creatine, which is very inexpensive. Pretty much spot on to p90x.

    Obviously not as cheap as chocolate milk, but much cheaper than p90x recovery. You can find it online between $28-35 for a 28 serving/4.63 lbs tub. Although I found one place that had it on sale for 23.95. Great price considering p90x goes for $50 of the same amount.

    As for the taste I really like the Tangy Orange. Its kinda like tang, just a little thicker due to all the ingredients.

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Nic, thanks so much for sharing this. I hadn’t heard of the Endurox option, so this is helpful!! Very cool that it is even closer to the P90x drink stats. =)
      Thanks again!
      – CJ =)

    2. Doug

      Hey there!

      I looked into EnduroxR4, looks good however for the Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch and Orange they contain fructose, sucrose which I believe are the bad sugars for you right?

      1. CJ =)

        Hi Doug! Good question. I can’t give you a definitive response, because this seems to be a matter of debate. But check out this article and the information/youtube videos it links to: http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/is-fructose-bad-for-you-201104262425
        If you want to know my common sense (read: NOT a nutritionist) opinion, it seems like this information indicates that lower levels of sucrose (all types of refined sugars) are better. So cutting those out of your diet certainly won’t HURT you, and can only benefit you.

        However, we can keep in mind that the P90x diet has already cut out almost all of the processed foods that would be your sources of this type of sugar in the first place. So, the average person going from an average American diet to the P90x diet, will be going from getting sucrose from many different foods to getting sucrose from their recovery drink and nothing else. This would probably still be a drastic reduction in the amount of this type of sugar they’re getting in a day, and thus probably still a big improvement in diet.

        But of course, you’ll have to make the call on how to interpret this information and how to act on it in your specific situation.
        Does that help at all?
        – CJ =)

  33. Jeremy

    I am just starting p 90x tomorrow and I think I found a cheap and easy recovery drink. Low fat or non-fat chocolate milk. The gallon I found was 30 g carbs, sugar 28 g & protein is 8 g. To make up the difference I am using Agave Nectar. 1 tbl of nectar has 16 carbs, 15 sugars and 0 protein and 0 fat. I figured a tsp of nectar is about 5 g carbs. So how every many carbs you need a little squirt or two will make that magic ratio of 4 to 1. I thought Agave is a clean alternative. Thanks for the site!

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Jeremy!
      I hadn’t thought about adding agave nectar to the chocolate milk instead of sugar. That is an AWESOME idea! I am so excited about this, because you’re right, that strikes me as a better alternative than white sugar. I like this so much, in fact, that I’m adding this comment into the body of the article. Thanks so much for sharing!!
      – CJ =)

  34. Rebecca

    I found Mike’s Mix, it’s a lot cheaper than the P90X recovery drink, it’s ok tasting, only second day on program so I’m trying to get used to it.

    BTW, saw this blog, total lifesavor, I almost died when seeing how much protein I have to cram into my diet, but with your creative meal ideas it should be a breeze! Thanks so much!

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Rebecca!
      I know what you mean about the protein. It’s all about protein shakes. And turkey bacon – it’s so nice and small! =)
      – CJ =)

  35. Jenn

    We came up with a generic version of the p90x recovery b/c with two people on the program the recovery drink bill was through the roof!
    We just use orange gatorade and a 1/2 scoop of protein powder. You can also buy gatorade in powder and concentrate forms which cuts down on the cost even more.

  36. maddy

    Coconut water is another great healthy alternative – lots of electrolytes and potassium. In terms of ‘clean’ eating, can’t get healthier than that!

    Love you site btw; great resource!

  37. Joy

    Hi I am new to this and was wondering if the new Recover drink made by Gatorade would be a good drink to use as a recovery drink.

    1. CJ =)

      Hi Joy!
      I checked the stats on the drink I think you’re referring to (http://www.gatorade.com/default.aspx#product?s=recover) and they don’t work for P90x. The stats are 7 grams of carbs to 8 grams of protein – for that much protein the drink would need to have 32 grams of carbs to have the correct 4:1 carb to protein ratio!
      I hope this helps.
      – CJ =)

      1. sandy

        Do you think choc. slim fast would work? Sandy

  38. Svetlana

    Hi there.I found this nutrition plan and have some questions about it.I downloaded the diet and confuse about what the phases mean as well as levels.Does it really mean that it correspond to lvl1-first 4 weeks and phase 1,2,3 to the weeks 1,2,3?Also does it really mean that I will have to weight my portions as well or there is an easier way to do it?Looks like I will have to buy my electronic scale.Sorry if I am posting in a wrong section just need to carify smthng for myself.

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Svetlana –

      P90x is separated into three Phases, that roughly correspond with the months of the program. Phase 1 is low-carb, Phase 2 is more balanced, and Phase 3 is higher carb. Many people treat the Phases as being exactly connected to your days of the program – so you do each Phase for 30 days.

      Your Level just determines how many calories you are eating throughout the program. Download the nutrition guide, which tells you how to calculate this. If you are Level 1, you eat 1800 calories. Level 2 is 2400 calories. Level 3 is 3000 calories. (So if you are Level 1, you eat 1800 calories a day throughout all three Phases of the program. So the number of calories per day never changes, just the makeup of those calories – in Phase 1 it’s 1800 low-carb calories, Phase 2 it’s 1800 more balanced calories, and Phase 3 it’s 1800 higher-carb calories.)

      Yes, you are going to need to buy a food scale so that you can measure out the ounces of the food you are eating, at least until you start getting a sense of the portion sizes. I bought a little cheapo one at my grocery store that is not even electronic. Also, download my p90x food journal so that you can keep track of your portions during the day.

      If this seems like a lot of work, take heart – it has a bit of a learning curve, but it becomes MUCH easier after a week or two!
      I hope this helps!
      – CJ =)

  39. Sunni

    I was looking at the Accelerade on line and noticed in the reveiws that it doesn’t taste very good at all. Was wanting to get your opinion on the taste. Don’t want ot buy something and be stuck with it. I love the taste of the P90X formula and would drink it all day if I could.

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Sunni!
      Thanks for your comment. I asked my hubby about this, and he said that he likes the Accelerade and it tastes good (he uses the Fruit Punch flavor). However he did say that he wouldn’t drink it all day, if that tells you something! That seems to be the same thing I’m reading in online comments too – that while the Accelerade tastes good and is an effective lower-cost option, it is not as good tasting as the P90x formula. I guess it depends on where your priorities lie – cost or taste!
      I hope this helps.
      – CJ =)

      1. Sunni

        Thanks CJ!

        1. CJ =)

          Hey Sunni, I should also mention that if you love the original P90x Results and Recovery Formula, then you might want to stock up on it. There’s a clearance sale going on right now, because they have introduced the “new and improved” formula: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/MillionDollarBody/csShopping/ShoppingCart_Detail.asp?PriceID=78950&Cat=Clearance|ALL

          The bummer thing is that all of the reviews I’ve read have said that the new formula does NOT have the same great taste as the old formula. So if you love it as much as you say, you might want to stock up!
          – CJ =)

    2. JZ

      For the recovering drink, what do you think of Nestle Breakfast Carnation? Per serving, It has 130 calories, 27g carb and 5g protein. To make it 4:1 ratio, you just need to somehow add 1g of protein to it. Did I miss anything?

      >>CJ’s Reponse (having problems replying in WordPress): Hey JZ! First of all, thanks for all of your contributions in the comments lately. =) Yes, if you can make the Carnation come out to the right ratio, more power to you. It should work fine! Many people do chocolate milk, chocolate milk powder, or even juice shakes – check out my P90x Recovery Drink post to see a bunch of options! – CJ =)

  1. Recu II (Mi Fórmula) « Comida y Postre

    […] Aquí hay muchas ideas como alternativas que se pueden usar. Como la leche con chocolate, solo hay que fijarse que la proteína coincida con los gramos de carbohidratos. Si necesitas de más carbs puedes usar azúcar 1/4 cucharadita de azúcar tiene 1g , 1/4 cdita de miel de agave tiene 5g.  El jugo que uses que sea 100% jugo. […]

  2. Day 20. Recovery Drink « Exercise Is Hard

    […] the recipe, which I found at P90X Nutrition Plan…actually on double checking that doesn’t have it. Here’s the recipe with a […]

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