Portabella Tasties

I have never cooked with portabella mushrooms before, but my husband loves mushrooms in all forms, so I came up with this easy concoction!


  • 2 portabella mushroom caps
  • 4 1/2 oz. cooked turkey breast (I use Foster Farms pre-packaged turkey)
  • 2 (loosely packed) cups raw spinach
  • 2 slices turkey bacon
  • low-sodium chicken broth (as needed)
  • 1 oz. Parmesan cheese

Heat skillet and set oven broiler on High. As skillet heats, chop turkey breast and bacon into small pieces. Add them to skillet and cook, stirring for several minutes until turkey and bacon have cooked and browned slightly (bacon need not be crisp). Add spinach to skillet, and add chicken broth as needed to moisten. Stir until the spinach has cooked down. Spray a baking pan lightly with nonstick cooking spray, and lay both mushroom caps upside down on the pan. Scoop out insides of mushrooms (stem and black parts) to thin them a bit and make a deeper bowl. Spoon filling from skillet into mushrooms, dividing it between the two. Drizzle several more spoonfuls of chicken broth over the filling and mushrooms to add a bit of moisture. Top each mushroom with 1/2 oz. of the Parmesan cheese. Broil under high heat for 3-4 minutes, or until the Parmesan is brown and toasty.

P90x Nutrition Plan Portions:

One mushroom is 1 protein serving, 1 vegetable serving, 1/2 dairy serving.

P.S. One mushroom would be 1 1/2 vegi serving if you didn’t scoop it out, but I tried it and my hubby found that it was an awfully thick slab of mushroom to plow through. He thought it was better when there was a little less mushroom to contend with!

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