Vegan P90x Meal Plan and Food Journal

Hi folks! At long last, I’ve put together a vegan version of my P90x food journal, based on the alternative vegan meal plan Beachbody provided in their recent P90x newsletter. Hopefully this is helpful for all of you Xers out there hoping to do P90x vegan-style!

Vegan P90x Meal Plan

First, here’s a handy PDF I made outlining the Vegan P90x Portion List.

Vegan Diet Plan Journal Sheets (PDFs):Phase 1
Vegan Phase 1, Level I
Vegan Phase 1, Level II
Vegan Phase 1, Level III

Phase 2
Vegan Phase 2, Level I
Vegan Phase 2, Level II
Vegan Phase 2, Level III

Phase 3
Vegan Phase 3, Level I
Vegan Phase 3, Level II
Vegan Phase 3, Level III

I print out and hole punch these sheets and put them in a binder. They end up serving as a very handy record of what you’ve eaten for the whole of your program, and a great reference if you decide to do a second round.

For more information regarding how I use these sheets, you can check out my original P90x Food Journal post, along with my P90x Meal Examples and Example Menus post, which shows how I fill the journal out and plan meals day-to-day.

I hope these are helpful to you!
– CJ =)

P.S. You’ll notice that here I actually provide a document listing the portions for P90x, where I don’t do so for the normal P90x Journal for carnivores. This is because I don’t want to infringe on Beachbody’s copyright by publishing their portion list without authorization. (That would make it possible for people to do the program without actually buying it, and I don’t want to jip Beachbody of their well-earned money.) In this case, however, since they provided this Vegan Portion List in a free, publicly published newsletter, and it’s not part of their guide, I figure I’m not infringing on any copyrights by providing an easy printable PDF version of it!


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  1. janet

    i need the vegan pesci veggie ebook tell me it wont be two years ,ouch.also i use coconut milk what would the be carb etc ?
    just found the web site so thankful Great

    1. CJ =)

      Sorry Janet, I don’t have a vegan ebook coming out! I am not living vegan right now, and I wouldn’t presume to tell vegans how to eat for a month. Sorry. But hopefully these planning pages help you plan it for yourself!
      – CJ =)

  2. Tarkus

    Hey! Thanks for this post =D However there is something that I can’t figure out about this routines and diets. Everyone is different (height, percentage of fat, general physical condition, etc.), so how is this supposed to work in each case? For example, wouldn’t the amount of servings change?


    (I’m not an English native speaker, sorry for the mistakes)

  3. kim

    Thanks for posting this! I’m starting p90x soon and am so glad to see I can do the nutrition vegan! 🙂

  4. Dusty

    the protein shake I use has carbs in it as well??? How do I adjust the plan to account for them??? do I use the basic 200 cals of carb equals one carb for the diet? I wish there were just a menu like for the carnivores after all Tony is vegan!

    1. CJ =)

      Hey Dusty!
      Don’t count the protein shake as a carb. In P90x, one food only counts for one serving (even if it has other types of servings in it as well). Just make sure that your calories are right (100 calories is one protein serving), and count it as a protein serving only.
      Does that make sense?
      – CJ =)

  5. Hallie Ann

    Forgot to mention that the almond milk contains twice the amount of calcium as regular milk, is it possible its a vegan equivalent to dairy?

  6. Hallie Ann

    Question: I like to drink almond or rice milk, and use it in a fabulous breakfast shake, but don’t see it in any of the portion lists. The brand of almond milk I have now has: 2.5 grams fat, 16 grams carbs, 1 gram protein. I’m thinking that its a carb, but I’m not sure. What do you think? Thank you!!!

  7. Tito

    Honey is not vegan 😛

    1. James

      @Tito is absolutely correct! Honey isn’t vegan! Whenever I need to sweeten something, I use Agave or Date Molasses. 🙂

      1. James

        …But thanks for the meal plan, CJ – awesome job!! 🙂

  8. jen

    this is awesome and soo helpful! thank you so much 😀

  9. CJ =)

    OOPS, I deleted Rafael’s comment. LOL – CJ =)

    Submitted on 2011/03/22 at 2:45pm

    First of all, this site is awesome!
    Thank you very much!
    Second, the second link is broken, the correct is


    May God bless you

  10. CJ =)

    Ooh, thanks for commenting, Rafael. Fixed it!! =)
    – CJ =)

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