P90x Scam – I Bought a Knockoff, Fake P90x!

Fake P90x NutritionGuide Scam

How to tell if your P90x Ebay or Craigslist purchase is a fake!

Hey folks. If any of you have been following my conversation with fellow P90xer Stactum in some of my blog comments, you’ll know that we have determined that my copy of the P90x Nutrition guide is a fake! =(

We purchased P90x off of Craigslist from a guy who was selling it remarkably cheaply (around $70). He said that he had been given an extra one as a gift. We were skeptical, but the box was unopened and all of the materials were there and looked legit when we opened it, so after that we didn’t think much more of it. As I was preparing for the nutrition, however, I noticed that the nutrition guide was very badly written and obviously hadn’t been proofread at all – it was RIFE with spelling errors and typos. I was really surprised that Tony Horton had put his name on such an unprofessional product, and even considered calling up Beachbody and offering to proofread the next print run! Silly me.

As it turns out, I was the victim of a P90x scam. This also makes something else make sense – the plyometrics DVD skipped from the moment we took it out of the box. Apparently, we got off easy – it turns out that a lot of people who are looking to buy P90x cheap end up using Ebay or Craigslist, and either the nutrition guide or workout materials are missing, all of the DVDs skip, or the DVDs never work in the first place.

The really unfortunate thing about this is that I have learned that there were multiple errors in the portion approach pages of my knockoff nutrition guide, so some of my journal pages have had the wrong information! I am very upset about this, because I know so many of you have been trusting me and the journal pages to be correct!

Stactum has provided me with the correct information, and as a result I have had to update 6 out of my 9 journal pages to fix the errors. The journal pages on my P90x Nutrition Plan Download page are now all correct (as of 8/28/2010).

Differences between my knockoff and the correct P90x nutrition guide:

Fat Shredder:
Level 1 – Mine incorrectly says 2 Fat servings. The correct guide says 1 Fat serving.
Level 2 – Mine incorrectly says Snacks are Dbl, Sng, Drink. The correct guide says Dbl, Bar, Drink.
Level 3 – Mine incorrectly says Snacks are Dbl, Sng, Sng, Drink. The correct guide says Dbl, Dbl, Bar, Drink (also mine says 3800 calories/day vs. the correct 3,000 calories/day).

Energy Booster:
Level 1 – Mine was correct.
Level 2 – Mine incorrectly says Snacks are Dbl, Sng, Drink. The correct guide says Dbl, Bar, Drink.
Level 3 – Mine incorrectly says Snacks are Dbl, Sng, Sng, Drink. The correct guide says Dbl, Dbl, Bar, Drink.

Endurance Maximizer:
Level 1 – Mine incorrectly says 4 protein servings. The correct guide says 2 protein servings.
Level 2 – Mine was correct.
Level 3 – Mine was correct.

If you’re looking for how to tell if your version of P90x is a fake, here are some clues based on my knockoff version:

  • Mine was shrink-wrapped in the white box that says P90x on it. (However, according to Kylie’s post below, this is not always a clue – apparently Canadian versions of the system come in a black outer box, and American versions are sold in the white box.)
  • My nutrition guide has a lowercase “n” in the words “nutrition Guide.” The real version is correctly capitalized “Nutrition Guide.”
  • My nutrition guide and fitness guide are both filled with typos and obvious spelling errors.
  • Also according to Kylie, if the DVD wallet is rectangular in shape instead of square, then it is a knockoff.
  • If you want to see what the items in the box should look like, check out this YouTube video that shows what the materials should look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-gGcxRMykE

A few more tips for buying P90x second-hand:

    • Used P90x materials typically sell for around $150. Be VERY suspicious of anyone on Ebay or Craigslist who is willing to sell it to you for $50-$70. Either all of the materials are not there, or if they are, they are knockoffs that contain the incorrect information or badly copied DVDs!
If the ad uses this image, be wary!

If the ad uses this image, be wary!

  • If anyone uses the stock P90x materials image in their ad be suspicious of that. Only buy it from someone who provides an original picture of the actual copy you will be purchasing!
  • If I were you, I’d avoid Ebay and Amazon entirely. Don’t trust it if you can’t see it. I would do Craigslist, but trust your gut. We felt like the guy was a little shady (he wanted to meet us in a parking lot instead of having us come to his house, seemed very cold and a bit rude, etc.) but we ignored our better judgment. Don’t make the same mistake we did!

– CJ =)

P.S. Many thanks to Stactum for helping me figure this out!

***1/5/2011 Update:

What to do if you realize your P90x is a fake:

Since the original post, I’ve done a bit more research and contacted Beachbody about what we should do about it if we discover we have purchased a fake P90x. Here are the steps I recommend:

1. Contact the seller and ask for a refund. This has been surprisingly effective for some people, especially through Amazon and Ebay. Multiple folks have contacted the seller stating that they have learned that the copy is a knockoff, and the seller provided a refund and told them to keep the knockoff copy. I think these scammers want a low profile, and it is easier to refund the money for the few people who bother to contact them.

2. Contact the website you purchased it through, especially if it is Craigslist, Amazon, or Ebay. Simply send them an email with all pertinent information, identifying the seller as a scammer. That way they can go through their own processes to block the seller. I know that Craigslist is starting to require phone numbers, and both Amazon and Ebay are motivated to keep their sellers clean. It may not stop the scammers completely, but hopefully it’ll inconvenience them and slow them down a bit.

3. Send an email to Beachbody. I called Beachbody and asked them what they want us to do when we discover our copy is a knockoff. They said that we can contact their legal department with information regarding our fakes.

Send an email to: piracy@teambeachbody.com. In the subject line include: “Attn: Legal Department”
Then include as much pertinent information regarding your case as you can provide.

I would include all of the following information, if you have it and if it’s applicable to your case:

  • Website URL where you purchased it and/or link to the ad. I’d also take a screenshot of the ad and attach that – that way if the scammers take it down, the legal department still has the info
  • Name or screen name or seller ID# of the person you purchased it from
  • Email address of the person you purchased it from
  • Cell phone number of the person you purchased it from (if they gave it to you)
  • Which knockoff version you have (examples of a few typos, whether it was wrapped, whether it contained all the materials, white or black box, whether the DVDs actually worked or skipped)
  • The price they sold it to you for

The more details you can provide, the better the Beachbody legal staff will know which scammers they should pursue first.



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  1. Joaquin

    Alexandra, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, I suggest you get the App. Same workouts, let’s you track your workouts on there instead of paper, let’s you keep track of your nutritional info, the only thing missing is the nutritional guide, but this site really helps with that.

  2. Alexandra

    I really wanted to start P90X so I began researching it and found your site. (which is very helpful btw thx) However, when I read all about these fakes I told my husband that I wanted to order it off the actual beachbody website. To which he replied, “You’re being ridiculous. It’s far too expensive from them. You can deal with a few typos and skips in the dvd.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to our apparent impasse, I doubt I’ll be starting anytime soon. Fail. =(

  3. David

    Who cares? I got one for 50 bucks, and it does have some of the mistakes you mentioned but all the DVD’s play fine. I had my suspection it was a fake when I got it after I saw all the mistakes. That;s how I ended up here.

    But other than that it will suit me fine. What do you guys expect when you’re paying half price for it off of ebay. It’s like buying Gucci handbags off a man on the sidewalk for 25 dollars and then throwing tantrum because it’s not real.

  4. Tim

    I know I have a fake too…I actually found this out prior to finding this thread, but not only does my fitness guide have TONS of typos, I didn’t get a Nutrition Guide at all. I did get the poster and all the DVD’s…fortunately they all work fine. Be aware though…I have yet to find a nutrition guide that has ALL the information included. I did see yours and have used it…thanks for the update to the pages though. If you have any new information on how to obtain information about the missing information, please share. If I have simply overlooked this information, please accept my apologizes.

  5. Tom

    I just purchased this version of p90x http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000TG8D6I/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00
    looks legit and says sold by ‘Product Partners, LLC’

    the Nutrition Plan has the capital ‘N’ on the front cover and the next page in has a lower case ‘n’ but cannot spot any spelling mistakes in it? any ideas if this is legit or not? thanks.

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