Calories in P90x Recipes

How to figure out calories in new P90x Recipes:
Hi folks! OK, I’ve received several emails and comments lately asking about the calorie information for my recipes. While I don’t figure out the specific calories for each one (sorry, figuring out the portions is enough strain on my brain!), I do have a quick rule of thumb for you to figure out the calories if you want to.

Just take the portions that I say at the bottom of each recipe, and use the P90x designation for the serving calories to figure out a ballpark calorie range for the meal.

P90x Nutrition Guide Calories Per Portion:
Fat Serving: 120 calories
Protein Serving: 100 calories
Carb Serving: 200 calories
Dairy Serving: 120 calories
Fruit Serving: 100 calories
Vegetable Serving: 50 calories
Condiment Serving: 50 calories
Single Snack Serving: 100 calories
Double Snack Serving: 200 calories

So for example, if you are looking at my Healthy Mac and Cheese and are curious about how many calories are in it, just take the P90x portion information that I give you:
“1/4 of the above recipe is 1 1/2 dairy servings, 1 carb serving, and 1 Single snack serving.”

And do the math:
1 1/2 dairy servings = 180 calories
1 carb serving = 200 calories
1 Single snack serving = 100 calories

180 + 200 + 100 = 480 calories per serving.

While this rule of thumb won’t give you the exact calories in each meal, they’ll give you a pretty good estimate. Hopefully this info will help you figure out the calories in this and your own new P90x recipes!
I hope this helps! 😉
– CJ =)


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  1. craig


    Ive only just started p90x and im using the portion section, im ment to be in level 2 however the suggested portions only add up to 1980 cals and not the 2400 that im ment to eat as a min requirement.

    Can you explain where I have went wrong?


    1. CJ =)

      Hey Craig –
      Are you counting one food for more than one portion? Typically, when people are meeting all of the portions but not enough calories, that means they are counting one food toward multiple different portions. For example, cottage cheese is an approved food for a snack or a dairy serving. If you eat it, you have to choose which you are going to eat it for. So theoretically, you could eat cottage cheese for your snack, and then another serving of cottage cheese again for your dairy serving.
      Does that make sense?
      – CJ =)

  2. godoggo

    I would also love to know more about the above…I’ve followed a 40/40/20 diet for quite a long time now (e.g. 40% of calories from protein, 40% from carbs, 20% from fats). I know how to quickly grab things from the kitchen, and throw them together in these portions with an eye for calorie count as well. I typically eat 400 cals in am, snack of 300 cal, 400 cal lunch, snack of 200 cal, 400 cal dinner, snack of 200 cal. Now granted while I am active 6 days a week with weights/cardio, its not nearly to the intensity of p90x so I can see needing more calories.

    However, as a level II, targeting 2400 calories a day at a 40/40/20 balance of proteins/carbs/fats, can I just follow what I’ve already been doing to make my life less insane trying to do this? I’m not really concerned with doing any fat shredding to start.

    THANK YOU for any help CJ! I’m so ingrained in my way of eating I’m having a REALLY hard time grasping the portion approach for p90x…I keep waiting for the light bulb to go off 🙁

  3. Vivek

    Hi CJ,

    I will be starting p90X in a couple of weeks, I have tried carb cycling before so i am inclined to follow this meal plan approach. Please share you opinion on

    My nutrition level is 2 ie. calorie target of 2400 cals/day. The nutritional proportion for the three phases ( on page 2) depits the breakdown as protein 50%, carb 30% and fat 20%.

    So my question is following the nutritional proporation for phase 1 can i break down the diet as below

    GRAMS PER DAY 180g 300g 53g

    Breaking down into 5 meals per day:

    GRAMS PER MEAL 36g 60g 10.6g


  4. Dallas

    I just recieved p90x as a birtday gift from my mom. God love her, but she got it off craigslist, and it’s ONLY the dvds.
    Can i purchase the nut. plan, schedules, etc, etc….EVERYTHING else?

  5. Lindsey

    LOL….ok. not confused anymore. im glad you understood my question because it took me forever to figure out how to word it

    1. CJ =)

      LOL. I should have known that only 107 calories for a full serving of cheesy baked mac and cheese (no matter HOW healthy) was way too good to be true!! 😉

  6. Lindsey


    if 1/4 of the above recipe is 1 1/2 dairy servings, 1 carb serving, and 1 Single snack serving then its already broken down into quarters. so why did it get divided into 4 in the end?

    1. CJ =)

      LOL, I’ll tell you why Lindsey – because I’m a dork! Thanks so much for pointing that out – FIXED IT!! =)
      – CJ =)

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