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Jan 15

Melissa’s Homemade P90x Protein Bars

Yay, Melissa! This site has sorely needed a protein bar recipe, and I had been trying to come up with one without success, until Melissa decided to do my job for me. Gotta love that! =) It sounds really good, and my plan is to try it out with rice protein to see if it …

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Aug 19

X-y Oatmeal

Hi guys, d’ya miss me?! Judging from the multitude of forlorn emails I’ve received in the past two weeks, I’m guessing so. (OK, so maybe it was only ONE forlorn email, but I’m assuming that for every one email I receive there are hundreds of you who missed me and were too lazy to write! …

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Jun 10

Chicken Salad Sandwich – Two Ways

Chicken Salad

Nothing says summer quite like chicken salad! As you’re working on your summer “beachbody” with P90x, this chicken salad recipe will fit right into your portion approach. I’ve done this salad two ways, a sweet version that focuses on fruit servings, and a tangy version that focuses on vegi servings. Choose either depending on which …

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May 15

Ants on a Log

Canon 145_small

Who says Ants on a Log are just for kids? LOL! The P90x nutrition guide suggests peanut butter and celery as a snack – I just added raisins, so it’s now a partial fruit serving as well. Ingredients: 1 stalk celery 1 Tb. peanut butter 1 mini-box raisins (approx 30 raisins – I used 1 …

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