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Aug 26

Homemade Olive Hummus and Pita

This was one of my more ambitious projects. I made this hummus completely from scratch, even to the point of starting with dried beans that I soaked overnight. After that time-consuming process was through, I decided that I never wanted to wait overnight for my food again! (You know me – lazy and impatient! ) …

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Jul 15

Cucumber Salad

Wondering what to do with the other half of the cucumber from yesterday’s Cucumber and Citrus Infused Water? Look no further! Either throw it into a tangy Chicken Salad Sandwich, or try out this easy cucumber salad. Some folks make this with a squeeze of lime – I use lemon because I usually have it …

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Jun 14

Cinnamon Baked Apple w/ Walnuts

It is with great pleasure that I must add the dessert category to myp90xnutritionplan.com! Woohoo! I’ve noticed that P90x desserts are hard to come by. They really don’t address the sweet tooth much in the nutrition plan. Well, this cinnamon baked apple feels like a dessert but completely fits into your portion approach. Here’s my …

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Jun 01

Lemon Steamed Broccoli

Canon 014_small

This is an easy, flavorful way to prepare broccoli. Neither my hubby nor I are fans of vegis, overall, but when you’re trying to pack in P90x vegetable servings, they’re a must! lol. This steamed broccoli recipe we don’t mind too much. (Such high praise, I know! lol) Sometimes he takes this in his lunch …

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