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Sep 02

Danielle’s Kicked Up Stuffed Peppers

P90x Stuffed Bell Peppers

So Danielle totally read my mind. I have been thinking for some time that a stuffed bell pepper recipe was missing from this site, but I have been too lazy to get off my butt and come up with one! Boy am I glad for my laziness now, because Danielle did the work for me, …

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Jul 29

Christy’s Whole Wheat Crepes

OK guys, this is another super exciting one! The whole wheat crepe is an awesome invention, because it is so thin that it is not much on the carb front, and yet it can be filled with oh-so-many tasty fillings. Make them sweet, and they are breakfast or dessert crepes – fill them with meat …

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Jul 27

P90x Spaghetti

The nice thing about the P90x nutrition plan is that, even though you are on a low-carb diet in the first phase, as long as you keep track of your portions, you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods. Take this tasty P90x spaghetti recipe – it is warm, hearty, and something you always …

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Jun 23

BBQ Rice Meatloaf

BBQ Rice Meatloaf

My hubby and I have never really liked meatloaf. That is, until I discovered this BBQ version – it turns out that it was the ketchup that was ruining it for us. Just wait until your family smells this P90x-friendly recipe cooking! I had to fend my husband and a swarm of hungry children off …

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Jun 17

Olive Feta Turkey Burgers (with Tzatziki Sauce)

Olive Feta Turkey Burgers

OK, folks. For those of you asking for bulk, make-ahead P90x recipes, this is one that you can prepare ahead and freeze either cooked or raw. We don’t really get of tired olives and Feta at our house, so I decided that olive and Feta turkey burgers were long overdue! Ingredients: 3 lb ground turkey …

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