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Jun 17

Olive Feta Turkey Burgers (with Tzatziki Sauce)

Olive Feta Turkey Burgers

OK, folks. For those of you asking for bulk, make-ahead P90x recipes, this is one that you can prepare ahead and freeze either cooked or raw. We don’t really get of tired olives and Feta at our house, so I decided that olive and Feta turkey burgers were long overdue! Ingredients: 3 lb ground turkey …

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May 24

Mediterranean Mushrooms and Garlic Chicken

Canon 021_small

Shhh, here’s my favorite P90x cooking secret: mushrooms are an excellent substitute for pasta! I just take my favorite pasta recipes, and if my hubby has already had his carb for the day, I put mushrooms in where the pasta would normally be. This healthy Mediterranean recipe is a perfect example. Normally it would be …

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May 22

Greek Olive and Feta Salad

Canon 011_small

This yummy P90x recipe adds some nice variety to my hubby’s lunch. How can you go wrong with olives and cheese?! Ingredients: 2 oz. black olives 2 oz. green olives (mine had pimentos in it) 1 oz. Feta cheese Slice olives, if necessary. Combine all three ingredients in bowl. Yep, that’s it!! P90x Nutrition Plan …

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May 20

Pesto Feta Scramble

Pesto Feta Scramble

Welcome to our first use of the leftover pesto from the Spinach Pesto recipe! Pesto adds great interest to morning scrambled eggs. Ingredients: 1 Tb. Spinach Pesto 6 eggs 1 oz. feta cheese 1 (loosely packed) cup spinach, torn into small pieces Heat skillet over medium heat, spray with nonstick cooking spray. In a bowl, …

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