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Jun 10

Chicken Salad Sandwich – Two Ways

Chicken Salad

Nothing says summer quite like chicken salad! As you’re working on your summer “beachbody” with P90x, this chicken salad recipe will fit right into your portion approach. I’ve done this salad two ways, a sweet version that focuses on fruit servings, and a tangy version that focuses on vegi servings. Choose either depending on which …

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Jun 01

Lemon Steamed Broccoli

Canon 014_small

This is an easy, flavorful way to prepare broccoli. Neither my hubby nor I are fans of vegis, overall, but when you’re trying to pack in P90x vegetable servings, they’re a must! lol. This steamed broccoli recipe we don’t mind too much. (Such high praise, I know! lol) Sometimes he takes this in his lunch …

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May 16

Big Salad

Remember when Elaine on Seinfeld said all she wanted was a BIG SALAD? If you’re not a vegetable lover, a lunch salad is a great time to pack in the vegi servings, when you can douse them in a few tablespoons of dressing! I use the 2 cups of lettuce as a base, then a …

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