Quick Answer: How Long Do P90x Workouts Take?

How Long Do P90x Workouts Take?

If you are considering starting P90x, you might be wondering what kind of time commitment you’re talking about. A lot of people ask me how long the P90x workouts take each day. P90x workouts typically last around 60 minutes. The exception to this is the Yoga X workout, which lasts 90 minutes. You can also add on the AbRipper X workout, which is 15 minutes. You’ll be doing one of these 6 days a week, resting on day 7, for 90 days.

Here are the exact lengths of the workouts:

  • P90x Chest and Back – 52:50 min
  • Plyometrics – 58:36 min
  • Shoulders and Arms – 59:53 min
  • Yoga X – 92:24 min
  • Legs and Back – 58:56 min
  • Kenpo X – 55:46 min

It’s a commitment, but you can do it. The time to start pressing play is NOW!
– CJ =)

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