Riced Cauliflower Recipes – Top 5 Uses for Riced Cauliflower

The web is abuzz with different ways to use riced cauliflower to imitate or replace our favorite high-carb foods! This can be a lifesaver for us P90xers, especially during our low-carb Phase 1. (For more on when to change P90x Phases, check out my article on the subject.)

As you are trying out these various tasty low-carb cauliflower recipes, remember that a P90x vegetable serving is 50 calories, and riced cauliflower has 25 calories per cup.  You’ll need to eat two cups-worth to get a full veggie serving!

Here are some creative, drool-inducing riced cauliflower recipes from around the web:

Cauliflower Protein Bread

I love that someone figured out how to make bread with cauliflower and protein powder. Good job ChocolateChiliMango! <–Recipe here.

Cauliflower Taco Shells

Yay! Tacos and taco salad are a great way to get your extra servings in, because you can alter the toppings based on what else you need to fill out the day’s P90x portions. And if you’re out of carb servings for the day? Replace the tortillas with cauliflower tortillas! A buff dude teaches you how to cook them in this Youtube video.

Cauliflower Breadsticks

These cauliflower breadsticks scream P90x-friendly Superbowl party, don’t you think? Well done, ifoodreal.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower pizza crust will help us continue our love affair with pizza without the carbs (also see my portabella mushroom pizza bites, THE most popular recipe on my site). Plus, the name of this blog makes me laugh: thisisafoodblog!

Loaded Cauliflower

This looks like cauliflower treated like twice-baked-potato. Well done, Low Carb Maven!

Cheesy Tex Mex Cauliflower Rice

The picture says it all! Can’t go wrong with Tex Mex, Delish!


BEST EVER Roasted Cauliflower

OK, so this isn’t a riced cauliflower recipe. But this is my recipe, and it’s the BEST CAULIFLOWER EVER in the history of cauliflower, thanks to this lady’s book, which will convert veggie-haters to veggie…toleraters!

Comment and tell me how you’ve used cauliflower in your P90x nutrition plan!
Keep pressing play!
– CJ =)

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