Quick Answer: Where does Shakeology fit into my P90x Nutrition Plan?

Hi folks! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to hit the ground running with P90x and your P90x nutrition plan! Don’t make it a New Year’s resolution (who keeps those anyway?), make it a life change resolution. P90x is the kick-start to a healthier you!

Time to address one of my most frequently asked questions:

How do I incorporate Shakeology into my P90x Nutrition Plan?

Good question! Shakeology is a weird hybrid drink as far as stats go – it obviously wasn’t designed with P90x in mind.

However, you can still incorporate it into your P90x diet in one of two ways:- 2/3 a Shakeology serving counts as a single P90x snack serving
A full serving of Shakeology counts as 1/2 a P90x protein serving and 1/2 a carb serving(These serving stats are according to the Beachbody staff on the Beachbody forums.)

If you are using Shakeology as part of P90x, please keep in mind a few pointers:

1. Shakeology is NOT a protein shake. At least not a protein shake only, it has those carbs in there too.

2. Shakeology is NOT a recovery drink. It doesn’t have the 4:1 carb to protein ratio that we love so much. =)

3. Shakeology should NOT be taken with your recovery drink. Shakeology and recovery drinks are different things and shouldn’t be taken together. The recovery drink serves a certain function, and relies on keeping a 4:1 carb to protein ratio – if you took Shakeology at the same time, the carbs in it would mess up your ratio. Read my article on the subject of recovery drinks for information about this and how they differ from protein shakes.

I hope this helps you jump start your planning as you’re thinking about your P90x nutrition plan. =)

More soon.
– CJ =)

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