Celebrities Who P90x: Ashton Kutcher

Back in the Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore days, Ashton Kutcher used P90x to get ready for a role in the movie “Killers,” which featured a lot of shirt-off scenes. Apparently they stressed him out! (I don’t blame him.)

While he never specifically mentioned P90x himself, here’s my Sherlock Holmes-like deductive reasoning:


Demi Moore tweeted that she was using P90x:

Ashton Kutcher tweeted less than a month later that he had increased “the workouts” to twice a day:

In a Collider interview after the movie, he talked about buying a workout program off of TV:

Ergo, Ashton Kutcher can attribute his killer bod in Killers (see what I did there??) to P90x!

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Keep pressing play. =)
– CJ =)

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