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Samantha’s Banana Scrunch Parfait

So I was thinking, “Man, I should get a good parfait recipe on my site, that would be a great addition to a P90x meal plan.” Enter Samantha, who created this very pretty one!

I know that I always say that I was thinking of creating a recipe before someone sends it to me, but …

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Danielle’s Pumpkin Pudding

So who wants to get credit for eating your vegetables while you’re eating dessert? Um, MEEE! Danielle has come up with a real winner here. What a perfect way to usher in the fall. Oh, and did I mention that this P90x dessert COUNTS AS A VEGETABLE SERVING?!! K, just checking. 🙂

Take it away, …

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French Toast

Have you ever wondered why french toast has gotten such a bad rap? It’s just bread, eggs, and milk! The key to this and other similar breakfast foods (pancakes, waffles, etc.) is what you drizzle over them. If you make them with whole wheat bread and egg whites, and keep it to honey or pure …

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Grapenuts Berry Crumble

Sorry for the crappy camera-phone picture. Can’t find my battery charger! Anyway, here is another P90x dessert option. I am a huge fan of Grapenuts cereal. Not in its normal teeth-shatteringly-crunchy state, but after it’s been softened by milk and heat. It just seemed like it’d make a perfect ingredient for a “crumble” or cobbler …

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Christy’s Whole Wheat Crepes

OK guys, this is another super exciting one! The whole wheat crepe is an awesome invention, because it is so thin that it is not much on the carb front, and yet it can be filled with oh-so-many tasty fillings. Make them sweet, and they are breakfast or dessert crepes – fill them with meat …

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Honeyed Cheerios

I was lurking on a thread on the Beachbody message boards the other day, and a P90xer was bemoaning the loss of her favorite snack – Honey Nut Cheerios. After one glance at the ingredients in Honey Nut Cheerios, it is clear that they are nowhere near as healthy as their plain counterparts …

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Mandarin Salad with Candied Almonds

I am so excited about this one, guys, because not only is it a delicious salad, it is a recipe for P90x CANDY! Woot! Can’t argue with that. This is my mom’s famous salad that she takes to potlucks, except I used honey to candy the almonds instead of plain sugar.

Ingredients for Candied Almonds:

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Chocolate Filled Strawberries

You’re not imagining things – there really is chocolaty goodness oozing out of the middle of these strawberries! And yes, this is a legit P90x dessert! 🙂 These chocolate-filled strawberries use sugar-free fat-free pudding, but you’d never know they were good for you. Being good never tasted so bad (for you, that is!). Happy Friday. …

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Angela’s Protein Pancakes

Ok, all together now – “Thank you, Angela!!” =) This P90x protein pancake recipe that fellow P90xer Angela sent me is SO good! I’m usually a Bisquick snob – I was raised on it, so all other pancake recipes taste weird. But these are really delicious! I didn’t have plain protein …

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Cinnamon Baked Apple w/ Walnuts

It is with great pleasure that I must add the dessert category to! Woohoo! I’ve noticed that P90x desserts are hard to come by. They really don’t address the sweet tooth much in the nutrition plan. Well, this cinnamon baked apple feels like a dessert but completely fits into your portion …

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