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Quick Answer: When Do I Take My P90x Whey Protein?

In P90x, your whey protein acts as a protein serving. So simply take your protein powder during your meals or snacks in the place of another protein serving.

Believe me, when you are a Level III and are required to down 9 protein servings per day, the option to drink one or two can be …

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P90x Protein Shakes vs. Recovery Drinks

Protein Shakes vs. Recovery Drinks
I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to confuse recovery drinks with protein shakes. I remember that the difference between the two was a big eye-opener for me and my hubby when he was first starting out.

Protein Shake – A protein shake is simply a form of …

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Quick Answer: Where does Shakeology fit into my P90x Nutrition Plan?

Hi folks! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to hit the ground running with P90x and your P90x nutrition plan! Don’t make it a New Year’s resolution (who keeps those anyway?), make it a life change resolution. P90x is the kick-start to a healthier you!

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